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ArB Tree Care Ltd is a Staffordshire based Tree Surgery and Forestry company founded in 2002, COVERING Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Cheshire, Leicestershire, Warwickshire, Shropshire, East Midlands and West Midlands.

ArB Tree Care Ltd is a professional, friendly company, delivering a range of services which include Tree Surgery, Forestry and Consultancy, plus the sale of Firewood and Christmas trees.

We undertake work throughout the Staffordshire and the surrounding area, be it whole site clearances for a corporate client or for an individual seeking a hedge reduction.

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  • Tree Surgery

    Tree Surgery is at the backbone of all that we do here at ArB Tree Care. We deal with a vast range of clients, undertaking work on carriageways, universities and domestic properties.

    We carry all work out to the official BS3998, and all of our employees are fully trained, and proficient in their assigned roles.

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  • Forestry

    Forestry is a service close to the heart of us all here at ArB Tree Care and is therefore an area that we continue to invest in, in terms of both machinery and training.

    Offering a variety of services, including woodland thinning operations, planting, clear felling and pollarding, we provide a high quality service which conforms to all professional standards.

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  • Consultancy

    Here at ArB Tree Care we offer a wide range of consultancy services, from Risk Assessments and Mortgage reports, to Woodland Management plans.

    Our consultants are fully qualified and insured in all that they do and are on hand to provide the high quality report to meet all your official and personal needs.

    If you have any queries or are in need of a professional opinion, contact us today.

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  • Landscape Maintenance

    Our dedicated landscape maintenance team works on a variety of contracts for a number of different corporate clients.

    Services provided include grass cutting, hedgecutting, weed control and pesticide application.

    Our team is fully qualified to carry out all operations including strimming, spraying and chipping.

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  • Vegetation Management

    At ArB Tree Care we have vast experience in undertaking an array of contracts, ranging from Rhododendron clearance and Japanese Knotweed control, to the control weeds surrounding newly planted trees.

    Over the years we have amassed vast experience, allowing us to successfully perform operations in all manner of places, including beside watercourses, railway lines and construction sites.

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  • Logs and Firewood

    ArB tree care have been supplying firewood for a number of years offering a variety of types and bag size to suit your every need.

    Our investment in a log splitter has meant we are able to process logs more efficiently into high quality firewood.

    We offer a 3 different sized bulk bags, as well as a range of smaller mixed wood sacks, kiln dried bags and woodchip.

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Vegetation Management


  • “ From Emergency call out to all routine works, ARB Tree Care have provided an excellent service during the past few years “



  • “ From Emergency call out to all routine works, ARB Tree Care have provided an excellent service during the past few years “