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Throughout the festive season, here at ArB Tree Care we sell Christmas Trees and a variety of other Christmas decorations and accessories such as stands, wreaths and mistletoe.

We stock a variety of Christmas trees so we can help you find the best one for your needs. Our trees include the traditional Christmas tree (Norway Spruce) which are the perfect Christmas card tree and can be purchased with or without a root ball so they can be replanted after Christmas. We also sell two kinds of non-needle drop trees, ideal if you want a real Christmas tree but without the mess. The varieties we sell are the Nordman fir and the Frasier fir.

Prices range from £15 up to £60 depending on the size and species you require.

We also have a variety of trees we grow ourselves that are nurtured throughout the year and replanted at the end of each festive season. Clients are more than welcome to take a stroll around our field and pick one out which we will then cut down or dig up depending on preference.

We also supply a number of larger trees as display trees to hotels, businesses and local councils which we deliver and erect using our 14ft trailer and MEWP. These may range in size from 12ft to 40ft depending on the venue and the organisations requirements.

This gallery provides an insight into some of the work undertaken at ArB Tree Care and the beautiful environments in which we work. Please take a look through the photographs below.

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