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ArB tree care have been supplying firewood for a number of years offering a variety of types and bag size to suit your needs. Our investment in a log splitter has meant we are able to process logs more efficiently into high quality firewood. Our bulk bagged logs vary as we provide a choice of value soft wood bags and high quality seasoned hardwood bags. Further to this we also premium quality kiln dried bags of logs. Below is our price list.


Price List

Large 1.5t Bulk Bag £90

Large Cubic metre Bulk Bag- £65.00

Standard Builders Bag- £50.00

Red netted bag £3

Kiln dried bag £5

Kindling £3

If you have any queries, please contact us on 01538 756644 or email


We do take a £5.00 deposit for the bad your logs will be delivered in, but this is returned once the bag is given bak

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