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ArB Tree Care’s Managing Director, Anthony Bethell, has been working within the forestry industry since 1985, consequently placing it at the heart of the company. With a wealth of experience and professional training, ArB can offer all aspects of forestry contracting including the thinning of woodlands, clear felling, restocking and plantation maintenance, felling licence applications (see consultancy section) and the marketing of timber. Below is a brief description of the services we regularly provide.

 Thinning of Woodlands

Woodland thinning takes place when the tree population becomes too dense. By removing weaker trees, the woodland area is opened up, removing the competition which may have previously impeded stronger trees quality of growth. A further benefit is the improved wildlife habitats which arise as more sunlight breaks through, prompting the growth of understory plants that song birds, woodland animals and many other species depend on for food, nesting or burrowing and shelter from predators.

Clear Felling

Clear felling is the clearance of all trees within a selected area. This usually becomes necessary due to infections within the woodlands or where planning permissions stipulate it. It may be used in conjunction with other forestry activities to create forest eco-systems for species that thrive off of sunlight.


Planting operations usually derive after clear felling operations have taken place. We offer a complete service from the inspection of schemes to help cover costs, to the maintenance of established trees. Since starting as a sole trader in 1993 then becoming a limited company in 2002, ArB Tree Care has planted over 800,000 trees!

Pollarding and Coppicing

Pollarding and Coppicing techniques are used to produce timber and are the earliest known forms of woodland management. Pollarding is where all branches arising from the trunk are removed in order to avoid any re-growth being grazed by cattle or deer. Coppicing is the felling of a tree so that only a small stump is left close to the ground. Mature naturally shaped trees may not respond well to either of these practices. However, this type of management must continue once started.

Marketing of Timber

Here at ArB, we have extensive experience of marketing timber on behalf of our customers. This service is therefore available to all clients should they require it.

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