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At ArB Tree Care, we undertake all aspects of tree care throughout the Midlands and North Wales. Our fully trained staff perform all operations to British Standards 3998, hold valid CSCS cards and are proficient in their assigned roles. Common jobs undertaken include tree felling, crown reductions, pruning operations and hedge reductions.

Felling & Dismantling

Reasons for a tree to be removed vary, but commonly are due to fungal infections or storm damage. However, with a excellent climbing team on hand, fully rigging qualifications, specialist kit and masses of experience, no tree is too large for us to tackle.



There are many forms of pruning that may be required in order to achieve the best quality and aesthetics of the tree in question. ArB Tree Care are fully trained to ensure they can carry out each function effectively and avoid any lasting damage to the tree in the form of compartmentalization which prevents the tree healing correctly, and may open it up to diseases.

The different types of pruning are explained below.

  • Dead Wooding – The removal of dead, diseased or damage branches from the crown of a tree. Particularly useful in urban settings, it reduces the risk of falling debris.
  • Crown Thinning – The removal of up to 30% of the branches evenly throughout the crown, to allow for increased light penetration and reduced wind resistance whilst maintain the height and profile of the tree.
  • Crown Raising – The removal of the lower overhanging branches, often to allow for vehicles or pedestrians to pass under the tree or to prevent children climbing easily accessible trees.
  • Crown Reductions – The reduction in length of branches throughout the crown. This has many benefits such as easing the tension off weaker branches, reducing wind stress and allowing for the maintenance of a mature tree in a confined area. However, this is a difficult procedure that can spoil a tree if not carried out by a professional, such as ourselves.


Stump grinding

ArB Tree Care also undertakes Stump Grinding, which is the removal of a stump after a tree has been removed. With all the necessary equipment, we are able to quickly remove stumps, making the finished site look neat and allowing for new plantations.

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