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ArB Tree Care offers various vegetation management services. We have fully trained staff to undertake a wide array of contracts that range from Rhododendron clearance and Japanese Knotweed control, to the control of weeds around newly planted trees. We have gained a large amount of industry experience over the years performing operations alongside watercourses, railway lines, highways, heath land restoration projects, as well as on construction sites where complete vegetation removal is required.


Recently ArB tree care has undertaken a lot of work regarding the clearance of Rhododendron. This is necessary as the weed carries a disease call Phytophthora Ramorum which it passes on to trees such as Larch species and Northern Red Oaks. Symptoms of the infection present in the Rhododendron include blackened leafs, wilted shoots and die back. When passed onto trees, the disease affects the bark on tree causing bleeding cankers which is visible as black fluid causing a crust on the tree. Below this, the inner bark of the tree is dying. This disease is very contagious and could be passed on to other areas via the sole of a shoe or through pets walking through infected leaves.

At ArB we have cleared whole forest areas of infected Rhododendron and infected trees to preserve the life of the surrounding forest.

Japanese Knotweed

Originally bought over to Britain for is beautiful appearance, it is now know that the plant is unruly with a possible growth of 20cm per day when weather conditions are favourable. In the summer, the plant can reach the height of 7ft which suppresses any light reaching other plants around it, especially as it spreads rapidly meaning it often grows in clumps. The weed is such a nuisance as any trace, up to 3m below ground can allow the plant to grow and its strong roots mean that it can even grow through tarmac and concrete. It is almost impossible to get rid of though digging up at which you then face the problem of disposing of the plant as only licenced landfill sites accept the weed.

Here at ArB tree care we solve this problem by killing the plant with chemicals. Unfortunately, this take multiple visits as it is a very resilient weed.

Giant Hogweed

Giant Hogweed is an invasive and potentially harmful plant introduced into Britain from the Caucasus Mountains in the nineteenth century. Although the plant can look impressive when fully grown, standing at 6 foot high, the sap within the plant can cause burns to human skin. This occurs when the sap makes contact with skin and causes it to become sensitive to light. When the skin is then exposed to UV light, it causes burns, blistering and can even leave long term scarring. Due to this public health risk, anybody with Giant Hogweed growing on their property has a legal obligation to control it.

The safest and most efficient way of controlling this plant is by chemical application by trained operatives as the health implications can be server.

Hedge Laying

Hedge laying is another service we offer as part of our wide portfolio of skills. Our staff are fully trained to perform this task ensuring at the end of the process you are left with a sturdy and attractive hedge. In this process, specific parts of the hedge are partially cut down and weaved through the remaining hedge to improve the growth and structure of the hedge.

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